About Us

Who are we?

Justin: The guy that likes to pretend he’s head of the household. I write the blog and the fiction and run the Dungeons and Dragons games. My original plan was to go off the grid and live primitively. I’ve trained in and taught Krav Maga, enjoy writing science fantasy, and practice wilderness survival skills. I do the technical stuff as we work to build our online presence.

Lyndsay: The woman that has to fix the mistakes of the guy that thinks he’s the head of the household. Also the person providing the primary feedback for the writing (which usually causes a mass of rewrites). Lyndsay is a galleried artist and spent years teaching art classes to both children and adults. She lived in a van and trailer setup for two years prior to meeting me. She is making the artwork for my writing which will be used for covers and making comic books.

Aurora: Our bundle of joy. Aurora is currently four years old. She motivates us to always better ourselves and try to live life without regret. She has an endless supply of energy that puts most boys to shame. She loves to make people laugh and has approached people on the street that she thinks are sad and then tried to cheer them up (usually successfully). She is extremely imaginative and makes amazing stories while playing with her toys or other children.

Drumpf: Our ratter and mouser. Drumpf is the same age as Aurora, having been born in the same month. We got him at six months old. He wasn’t the greatest house cat and seemed very stupid at first. But he has become an amazingly good outdoor and RV cat. He kills mice and rats in prolific numbers, stays with us when we are outdoors and even has gone on walks and hikes with us both in forests and by the ocean. People regularly comment on how he behaves more like a dog than a cat.

Together, Lyndsay and I often seem like opposites. I was a right wing nerd and she was a nude feminist performance artist. We make it work, but a lot of hijinks and drama ensues. Enjoy the ride.