No Thursday Post This Week

We just hauled our setup from Vancouver Island back to Winnipeg in the midst of this pandemic. While all of our posts were ready for while we were driving, we did not have a Thursday post ready, nor enough time and energy to put one together. We hope to be back to our normal schedule on Sunday, with an article from a licensed technician explaining the problems with my previous post on wheel bearings.

Thank you.

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Flashback: Lyndsay’s Van Life – Part 4

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


So now I finally had my temporary registration and it was time to head back to Winnipeg.

But this was an old vehicle. There was no computer to warn me if anything was going wrong. It had a single temperature gauge that said “hot” on one side, “cold” on the other, and a large “normal” section in the middle.

I was hauling ass through California. I made it into Nevada.

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