And Then… There Was One!

Where have we been!?

Normally I do posts several months after the fact, but this is an update as of today!

I am now working 50 hours per week landscaping and am working on getting my air brake endorsement. I am also teaching a wild edibles class every other week, had to buy and fix a second vehicle so that Lyndsay can take Aurora to classes and things and get a part time job (and there is more to do on both vehicles), am trying to find time to write two books (one fiction and one non-fiction), and of course still need Shabbat off for family time.

I have gotten rather insanely busy. Why are we this busy, you might ask? With Covid-19 striking we learned the hard way that we need a home base. We were stuck on Vancouver Island when we would have rather returned to Manitoba in order to be near family, but we had nowhere to go; our RV just couldn’t handle -30C. So right now we are on track to save up for and purchase a home in the country this autumn.

Due to how busy everything has gotten, I’m afraid I will be down to just one post per week.

We still have several stories to go through, so more is on the way. We have to finish our adventure to Vegas to sell the Van, I have plenty more wild edible recipes to tell you about, we had a lot more adventures on Vancouver Island and I have parks to review, and I’m considering doing a few philosophical posts. More rabbit holes to come, so I hope you stick around!

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2 Replies to “And Then… There Was One!”

  1. Life does that to us doesn’t it? Makes us rethink where we were going and how but you are a wildly creative family; it will all turn out. Where on the island did you get stuck and are you still there? We are coming over tomorrow for a week of wandering.

    1. We’ve been back in Manitoba for a few months, now. And unfortunately while we loved the climate and topography of the Island, the realization of how fake the people were hit us pretty hard. We’ve heard that a lot of vehicles with out of province license plates in BC are getting vandalized.

      We would go back, but not until a vaccine is available, or if we have no choice due to winter.

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