Slide-on, Slide-off

Slide-outs. The handiest of the handy when you want more space. Trailers without slide-outs are pretty cramped, so at least one is pretty well a necessity if you’re a family going full time.

Unless you travel a lot. Because when we go between Manitoba and BC (more than 2300km, or 1400 miles) it isn’t like it is convenient to open and shut the slide every night and morning. Some people seem to have no problems with their slide-outs, but remember that you’re living in an RV; EVERYTHING BREAKS. I major warning from multiple full timers has been to ensure that your RV is level before using your slide-out motor, or risk breaking it. As such, we simply don’t touch it while on the road.

Lotsa space.

And avrakedoobar, your space disappears.

Notsa space. I suppose that’s one way to lock your kid in her room…

The cupboard at the back is a major food storage area, and we completely lose it while traveling. Everything has to be rearranged so that we have no reason to access it. Although there was that one time when we sent Aurora into the gap…

No TV.

Our first trip we couldn’t even access the bathroom while on the road. That was a big fat “not happening” during the Covid trip, so we took the door off and stored it in Aurora’s room. Remind me again; who designed this crap? The damn trailer is meant to be built for travel, and someone couldn’t figure out that you can’t access the bathroom with the slide in? How stupid is that?

The door is now gone, replaced with a little bit of Lyndsay ingenuity.

Now you can open the door and dry your hands at the same time.

Replacing the door with a removeable towel allowed us to access the bathroom while on the road, but also saved space on hanging towels in the bathroom for hand drying. Plus, heat makes its way into the bathroom during winter better.

One of Lyndsay’s biggest pet peeves from the Glitz and Glammers is all the nicknacks they seem to have when they show off their RV renos. They love showing off little figurines and bits of loose decor. Every time we move we have to pack everything away. Nothing can be on the counters.

And all of the damn drawers strapped shut!

Where the heck do they put their nicknacks when they travel? Do they glue them down? Do they have a storage area with nothing in it until they move? Do they have a bunch of boxes in the middle of their floor where they pack everything away any time they move? Three people live in this trailer, one of which has a plethora of toys; there is no space for empty storage. We’ve had to leave storage in the middle of the floor while traveling and it is very annoying. We switched everything around so that the living space would be as open as possible. Only necessities, no nicknacks.

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