To Sell a Van: Part 5

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So after the lights went out in Vegas, we had to get to California with the van and meet the buyer.

The original plan was to meet him in Santa Clarita at the car rental lot, do the trade and take the last of the cash, drive to the ocean, then head back to Vegas. Because the hotels and flights everywhere within a thousand miles were vastly more expensive than staying in Vegas.

But then the buyer changed the plan on us. He demanded that we meet him at his store inside Los Angeles.

This took a fair bit of extra time; we had to wait for the rental company to open and then drive to Los Angeles with two vehicles. Once we met the buyer, he hummed and hawed over the van, realizing he had gotten in a bit over his head. Thankfully, he’d already paid $3500 USD in advance (I’m a Jew; it’s what I do).

While the original agreement was for $4500 USD, once there he was only willing to pay us an extra $600 (and he’d offered $500 at first). While less than agreed upon, it wasn’t like there was any way we could return his money or take the van back. As is we would be flying home.

The moment that Lyndsay would trade one heart for another.

Rather than make a fuss, we accepted and were on our way.

Baby’s first ocean visit.

Despite not going quite as intended, we enjoyed the drive back to Vegas. California is beautiful. Our friend Dave had come on the adventure with us, and while passing an orchard he asked us to stop and he ran out and stole a lemon.

It isn’t like we Canucks are used to being around citrus trees.

From there it was back to Vegas and the Golden Nugget to swim with sharks and see the Grand Canyon.

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