We Sold The Van: Time To Splurge

After having finally sold the van, we decided to splurge and have some fun in Vegas before we’d be flying back to Canada. We booked the Golden Nugget hotel, which had a water slide that went through a shark tank!

But when we got to the hotel… the shark tank was empty; closed for renovations.

The rental car needed to be returned the next evening. The plan for the day was to get up early, eat breakfast, make the drive to the Grand Canyon, then hurry back to Vegas to drop off the car.

But there were flash floods and the highway to the Canyon was closed. So we were stuck in Vegas.

Aurora was just shy of starting to walk. For the whole trip, Lyndsay had been saying that Aurora’s first steps would be at the Grand Canyon. And sure enough on the day that we were supposed to be viewing the Grand Canyon, Aurora took her first steps.

In the Gold Nugget hotel room.

Luckily, on our first stop in Vegas, we’d been suckered into sitting through one of those time share seminars. I say luckily because we knew full well that we couldn’t afford it, let alone actually be tricked into buying a timeshare. So that night we went to the Strip as we had free dinner and a Motown show to see! (They also gave us free breakfast–I highly recommend sleeping through a timeshare presentation every time you go to Vegas.)

Aurora spent the day stumbling down the Strip. At the same time as she was baby drunk walking through the crowds, she was also trying to talk. And by talk, I mean yelling what sounded like, “ASS-HOE!” as she stumbled down the sidewalk.

A good rest after a long day in Vegas.

The next day we went out for a buffet. To the delight of my excessive appetite and Judaic cheapness, we found that buffets on Freemont Street were better and cheaper than on the Strip (EVERYTHING is cheaper and better on Freemont). The Binion Hotel’s buffet was phenomenal. If you ever go there, be sure to see if they still have Atomic Horseradish. I eat absurd amounts of horseradish when available, and this stuff nearly killed me.

From there we went to Container Park, an artsy area with plenty of boutique shops and little art galleries.

And a nifty playground!

For the rest of the day we just sat at the side of the pool in the hotel while waiting for our flight.

So Lyndsay’s journey with the van had come full circle. From Crack Dealer Tony to saying goodbye, we’d learned that we could handle epic journey’s and the trails and tribulations of being on the road. One adventure had come to an end, and the next was to begin. We now knew we could handle life full time in an RV.

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