Happy Anniversary!

Today is the one year anniversary of picking up our RV. There was some time spent doing renovations before moving in, but it was ours. We’d bought a home.

Most people would never consider our RV a house; not even a tiny house. But for us, that’s absolutely what it is. We’ve modified it and maintained it, and it is ours.

Most people in our economic situation never get to own a home. They are stuck renting—throwing away money—perpetually. I grew up in a house but spent over ten years living in an apartment. Lyndsay had only spent two and a half years in houses and always with eight other people splitting the rent. You walked through the door, went down a hall, then took stairs or an elevator before leaving a building, crossing concrete or gravel, and only then getting to grass.

For less than the cost of renting, we can step out the door and watch the sun rise, sipping coffee in our bare feet in soft grass, listening to birds sing. I’m writing this in our little yard, listening to birds and frogs, Lyndsay next to me in a comfortable lawn chair while Drumpf bounds through the grass.

And only two months ago we were standing on an ocean shore doing the same thing. We can go anywhere.

Aurora has been asking about what life was like for us as kids. She cannot comprehend Lyndsay’s life, being unable able to just step out the door and play outside. Aurora has everything she needs; her own bed, her own room, her own toys, a roof, food, and space to play outdoors. She isn’t harmed by living in an RV; her life is better for it.

This life has given us freedom that few others experience. It has its challenges. But the benefits are worth the struggle.

We even got to see two springs in two different climate zones.

We talk about the trials and challenges of this life a lot. We want others that are considering it to be fully prepared. But for our anniversary we wanted to talk about the good parts of living in an RV full time. There is so much good and wonder and beauty that I’m struggling to write this post not because of how little there is to talk about, but because there is so much that I’m overwhelmed.

We couldn’t trade this life for the world; it is already in the palms of our hands.

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