Traveling Through Covid-19; The Road to Winnipeg

We’re back! Finally, a new post! Life was just too stressful to make posts for a while, but we’ve landed something kind of great and it is time to get moving again! So let’s get back to the stories.

First up, our travels back to Winnipeg in the middle of the first pandemic lockdown. And wow, was that weird.

That song played three times during our trip.

The pandemic and the lockdown changed everything for all of us. Even ironclad rules.

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Past and Future Plans, As of Today

As you have seen if you follow our blog, our plans go wonky very quickly. We bounce back, but at no point do our goals ever stay static simply because life throws us too many curve balls for that to ever be a thing.

Case in point, our trip to Vancouver Island last winter.

We weren’t sure if we were going to try to stay on the Island or not. Going back and forth is expensive, especially with the ferry fee. But we don’t have a setup capable of handling Manitoba’s frigid winters.

We started on the Island volunteering. But the trip had been far more expensive than planned. Right away, though, I was able to land a job with an arborist. Even though I was also supposed to be volunteering, I couldn’t very well turn down a steady paycheque. I managed to handle both for several weeks.

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Drumheller and the Dinosaurs

On the road again! Can’t wait to get on the road again! Is that the full time RVer theme song?

After Manitou it was on to Drumheller and the Royal Tyrell Museum to see the dinosaurs!

First, here’s a pro-tip for parents taking their kid(s) to a museum. FACE PAINT! Lyndsay painted Aurora’s face and got her to pose at the exhibits. Aurora–normally very attention hungry and energetic–thought she was tricking people into thinking she was a part of the exhibit. She had fun, stayed still for lengthy periods of time, and everyone got to actually read the information without child interruptions.

Aaagh! Dinosaur! Oh, it’s just a kid.
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Garden on the Road

A major misconception about life on the road is that you lose out on all of the comforts of a sticks and bricks, like a yard or a garden. Well, we’ve already proven that you get a yard; now we’re going to prove that you can have a garden.

I can hear your thoughts now. “What!? No drama today!?” Quit you’re whining and enjoy the good things instead of our suffering!

Our first year’s container garden.
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Sunday Review: Harvest Hosts

The world is opening up again, and many of us full timers are going to be looking for places to go and things to see. Plus, we all struggle to find places to stay when on the road.

Single nights in a campground are costlier than they should be and finding a good place to boondock can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

My family has tried several free or near to free camping options while traveling longer distances. Our favourite by far is Harvest Hosts. It is inexpensive to sign up for; the classic membership is only $79USD/year and the plus membership is only $119USD/year and both provide unlimited free 1 to 2 day overnight stays.

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Happy Anniversary!

Today is the one year anniversary of picking up our RV. There was some time spent doing renovations before moving in, but it was ours. We’d bought a home.

Most people would never consider our RV a house; not even a tiny house. But for us, that’s absolutely what it is. We’ve modified it and maintained it, and it is ours.

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The Adventure Begins

September 1st, 2019. The great journey was to begin.

June was spent getting used to the trailer, July doing some travelling around Manitoba and volunteering, and August was our time to say goodbye. September was the beginning of the adventure west, with two friends tagging along for the ride.

It was raining that morning. Of course, right? Start a trip hauling a trailer across the country by hooking up in the rain. Not so bad, but definitely a little annoying. Annoyances built into problems.

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Vacuum Troubles

If you already live this life, you understand just how much gets tracked into your RV. If you don’t, this is very important to understand. You will be going in and out of your RV many times per day, far more often than you go in and out of a normal house. You will track an absurd amount of dust and dirt inside and a proper vacuum is an absolute necessity.

We have gone through four vacuums since moving into our RV. That’s four vacuums in less than a year.

There is a saying that I need to remind myself of more often. “I’m too poor to be cheap.”

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