Slide-on, Slide-off

Slide-outs. The handiest of the handy when you want more space. Trailers without slide-outs are pretty cramped, so at least one is pretty well a necessity if you’re a family going full time.

Unless you travel a lot. Because when we go between Manitoba and BC (more than 2300km, or 1400 miles) it isn’t like it is convenient to open and shut the slide every night and morning. Some people seem to have no problems with their slide-outs, but remember that you’re living in an RV; EVERYTHING BREAKS. I major warning from multiple full timers has been to ensure that your RV is level before using your slide-out motor, or risk breaking it. As such, we simply don’t touch it while on the road.

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The Race Against Physics OR The Turd Bucket Debacle

Oh where do I start with this late, late post? How about subject matter and language warnings?

Well, let’s go back to that horse ranch; the good one with the crappy power supply. See here.

I’ve been asked about the bucket full of turds on several occasions, so I think it’s about time we tell everyone about that particular disaster.

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