To Sell A Van: Part 4

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We arrived in Las Vegas in the evening, so there was only so much to do. We checked in then when for dinner at Dick’s Last Resort to be publicly humiliated.

Lyndsay: I certainly do not, sir!

You might wonder why someone would go to a restaurant where the servers are taught to be obnoxious and they tell you your kid isn’t yours because you’re too ugly…

Because it’s hilarious. mostly. We’re gluttons for punishment.

That and we couldn’t get into the Medieval Times show.

The next morning we had planned on going to Death Valley, but of course as per usual our plans were dashed. Nevada had a wind storm so severe that semis were being blown over. And our only transportation was a rather large-bodied van that we had to sell the next day.

So going to Death Valley was out of the question. Instead we walked around the Vegas Strip, Lyndsay playing tour guide. A nice day of walking around, drinking, marveling at all the shows and people in cosplay.

But since when do our days go as planned?

While walking around in Caesar’s Palace, the power went out.

So instead of shows we watched the casino employees scramble around clearing tables.

Hail Jew Caesar. Lyndsay fanning me with a palm branch blown down by the storm.

So basically we got to see the lights go out in Vegas.

The next day we were off to sell the van in California.

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