To Sell a Van

Several events happened to us that made us decide to live a life in an RV. I was more interested in having land (still am, and we’re trying to sort life for that to happen), but Lyndsay wanted the life on the road. She had to convince me and we had to prove that Aurora could travel well.

Three major trips played large roles in our decision to live in an RV full time. The first was the trip to Las Vegas and California to sell Lyndsay’s shagin’ wagon… I mean her drug runner… I mean her heart van.

We had been living in downtown Winnipeg and her van was just sitting parked outdoors. It was rusting, its paint was fading, and it was costing us $50 per month to store.

Lyndsay was deeply in love with Tasty. I sometimes think she loved that van more than me! But we had a wedding to pay for, so we finally made the decision to sell it.

At first Lyndsay tried to sell locally. We got a few offers, but they were all below $1000. As the saying goes (I made it up myself), never send a Ukrainian to do a Jew’s job. I took over the sale process.

I took new (and old) pictures of the van and put it up online in several places, talking it up as a collector item. Within days, offers poured in from across the country from collectors looking to save the van. In short order, we received a phone call from a collector in California.

Now, this collector was the walking stereotype of the ignorant American. When trying to explain where Winnipeg is, he could barely comprehend that we were north of North Dakota; he had to look at a map. He was also the walking stereotype of an American with too much money. He talked my ear off (the cell phone bill had $200 in long distance charges) and during these conversations he told me how he’d taken his Porsche out of storage just before heavy rains and it got completely flooded.

After all that I decided I would be taking his money.

Lyndsay had paid $3000USD to buy the van in California. I convinced this collector to buy it for $4500 American, pay $3500 up front and we would deliver it to him.

(Side note: If you own or manage a sales lot in Manitoba, I’m for hire. Use the contact form.)

It was rather appropriate when you think about it. Lyndsay bought the van in California and it would be going home after a long tour of North America. The plan was simple: drive to San Francisco to visit a friend, drop off and collect the last of the money owed on the van, rent a car and drive through Death Valley (Lyndsay has always wanted to see Death Valley), stay a day in Vegas, go see the Grand Canyon, then fly home.

What could go wrong? Pictures to come!

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